Crafting, or: Camera department quirks PART II

By now, you've read part 1 of "Crafting" from earlier this week. If you havent then hop, skip and jump over to HERE to get clued up on one of the quirkiest things about camera teams; their propensity to make all manner of kit out of whatever plastic, card and Corex that they have available.

Below you will find a SUPER hack list of things that you can try to make for yourself at home, to add to your accessory kit, along with a fancy little gallery of the things that we ourselves have made and seen on set. Hit 'share' at the end of this post and pass on our font of knowledge on all things film behind-the-scenes to someone that you know who is interested in either becoming a Loader themselves or recent entrants to the industry. Enjoy!

CAMERA CREW HACKS - What to make!


  • Camera covers
  • Polybag blueroll storage/ cover
  • Tube holder for Camera brolly
  • Mobile waterproof kit and studio grade
  • Directors and check monitor covers


  • Mag Bag, to fit end of magliner for storing items
  • Toolbox
  • Mini pouch holders (recycle from Calo baggies)
  • sheets tin (second hand or re-puropsed file)
  • Mini mobile 1st and 2nd cleaning kits (in Calo baggies again!)


  • Velcro camera cable tidies
  • sun shades
  • Sleep covers
  • Soft lens wraps
  • Shoulder pillow for handheld unit kit



  • Floor bag separators
  • blank washable focus rings for your 1st
  • Pen holders
  • Actor's marks - Standard, mini, heavy-duty, waterproof
  • Focus marks holders
  • Tape deck
  • Tennis ball stand floor protectors