Resources and sites that I LOVE...

Here, for your exclusive reading and plagiaristic viewing pleasure, are a selection of resources that I have used, do use, know and love from around the infobahn hyperspace. Eat, chew, wiki... repeat.

Footprints on the Moon (Le Orme) 1975 Photography: Vittorio Storaro

Footprints on the Moon (Le Orme) 1975 Photography: Vittorio Storaro

BAFTA. The British Academy of Film and Television Arts. A big favourite of mine, and arguably the main industry organisation that helps gel, produce, award, nurture and breathe life into British Film and TV. Wicked events calendar, including the superb accessible-to-us-common-humans "BAFTA Guru" organisation for industry newcomers. Purveyors of BAFTA scholarships for industry training. Go looky. ( (

The Black and Blue. Nice little site, chock full of tips, links and information related to being a camera newcomer.

The DIY Video guy. Hirsutely challenged, but rather gorgeous US based Videographer/filmmaker with a SUPER useful site with practical filmmaking tips and ideas. Really a great resource and one that I frequently return to. (

No Film School. Awesome, very well known and respected industry site with a stack of information and intelligent conversation from behind-the scenes filmmaking insight, to kit reviews and recommendations; and too much more to mention. LOVE this site. (

Cinematography. net. Very American, not particularly glossy site, but an in depth technical resource with useful chat board discussion and Q & A. (

Premium Beat. Technically speaking this site is a resource for royalty free music and SFX, however they have an INCREDIBLY good blog that covers - among other things- video production and editing. I have linked directly to the video section of this AWESOME blog. (

Film London. Last but absolutely not least. Ace site, kind of a baby, London-born adoptive sister to BAFTA. Not affiliated officials believe but similar in terms of description. Givers of money, Promoters of talent. Notifiers of opportunity and so much more. ( 

That's it for now. Eight tasty little slices of filmic inspiration. Want more? What exactly do you want? Are there any other sites that you would recommend or like to share? Please put your comments below in the comments section.